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Altered Book Scrapbook

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Altered Book ScrapbookThe first time I came across an altered book I was fascinated. It is both a visual and tactile experience. In an altered book, the artist transforms a hardback book into a work of art, by physically altering the book.
You can find additional information on altered books in the library and bookstore, as well as online. Some altered book artists join organizations and groups, which promote and support the art.
Most of the altered books I’ve seen have a somewhat dark appearance. I don’t believe a traditional altered book artist would view the art as a scrapbook. Yet, when I decided to give my first altered book a try I couldn’t help but move in the direction of a scrapbook.
I wanted to make my mother something for her birthday, so I decided on the altered book. When looking for inspiration, I came across a box of random keepsakes belonging to my grandmother, my mother’s mother.
Mom was very close to my Grandma Hilda, as was I. I decided to let Hilda be my inspiration, and in doing so, I created an Altered Book Scrapbook.
Give it a try sometime. It is a creative way to use those odd trinkets that you can’t bring yourself to throw away. Click on the numbers at the top of this page, to take a tour of the book I created for Mom.